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Updated: Jul 20


According to Sandra Hinchliffe, author of High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea Time Recipes for Every Occasion, “culture and tasting are refined culinary arts that have been written about and practiced for thousands of years. Cannabis tea service can be anything from cozy to formal and everything in between. A humble afternoon with cannabis tea among friends can be exuberant, enlightening, and visually stunning when served with the entourage of herbal terpenes.”


Sandra Hinchliffe describes it as a method of serving cannabis infused teas with herbs, flowers and fruits to facilitate the joyful reunion of terpenes with cannabinoids in the cannabis tea experience.

You can also enjoy your teas with acidic cannabinoids, which introduce more medicinal properties and further supports the entourage effect.


As per Andrea Meharg from Reveal Cannabis, she explains them as the following:

· All cannabinoids grow in their acidic form on cannabis plants and need to be decarboxylated to become active compounds

· All cannabinoids are first acidic except CBN (Cannabinol)

· Exciting research is showing acidic forms of cannabinoids may be more powerful at much smaller doses than the decarboxylated version

· Acidic cannabinoid products must be stored correctly to reduce natural decarboxylation (especially in your refrigerator)

· You can ingest them via premade formulations, juicing or when making tea


As stated by the Cannabis Coaching Institute, CBDA possesses the following qualities:

· Highly more effective than CBD

· Better bioavailability and faster onset than CBD

· Antianxiety

· Antidepressant

· Reduces/eliminates vomiting

· Relieves pain

· Can be stimulating

· No known side effects

To further elaborate, The Rebel’s Apothecary book by Jenny Sansouci explains that CBDA is a minor phytocannabinoid in its acidic state. It’s found in raw cannabis/hemp and transforms into CBD when heat is introduced. It has healing properties as being anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, antianxiety, and anti-cancer effects. These benefits are present even before it’s converted to CBD.


CBDA has been mentioned lately due to COVID studies. According to Richard van Breeman, a professor of pharmaceuticals at the Linus Pauling Institute and College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University, “Our work establishes the principle that small molecules binding to the spike protein of a coronavirus can help prevent it from infecting cells.”

The study also mentions hemp-derived CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) bind to spike proteins similarly to how antibodies bind to the spike protein on COVID-19, and stop it from entering cells.

The research conclusions aren’t finalized yet. However, Professor van Breeman shares that after a person is exposed to COVID, they can take these compounds orally to potentially prevent an infection.

Then, with the help of Fikadu Tafesse from Oregon Health and Science University, the team was able to test two of those compounds, CBGA and CBDA, on live virus, including the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and two early variants. They discovered that the compounds bound to different parts of the virus. This finding led researchers to accept they’d work well if used cooperatively.

Professor van Breeman points out those that want to buy these legal compounds must keep in mind heat treatment converts CBDA into CBD, which is not useful in the same way.

“I think it’s theoretically achievable with products that exist,” van Breemen said, “but we need to do the experiments to prove that.”


Sandra Hinchliffe mentioned in her book that Dr. Dustin Sulak from recommends making a raw cannabis tea to take advantage of the acid cannabinoid’s healing properties.

To prep this raw cannabis tea, simply take a small bud of flower, (roughly the size of a pea) and pour hot water over it. Steep for approximately 5 min and enjoy without having to worry about decarboxylation from the hot water’s heat.


If you’re interested in trying cannabis tea, Green Annalist has created an Organic Stomach Aid Entourage Herbal Tea with CBDA and CBD Oil set that’ll allow you to enjoy CBD and CBDA simultaneously.

This starter set is available for a limited time, and just for reading this article, Green Annalist is offering $10 off your purchase. You’ll be paying $34.99 for a set of 5 organic tea bags and a ½ oz bottle of organic CBD Oil! Just use code TEAFORME to immediately access these savings. As always, free shipping and a free gift are included with your purchase!

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out with any question or comments.



Anna Rivera is a cannabis content writer and founder of Green Annalist, which offers quality hemp botanicals and cannabis wellness coaching services.

She is also an advocate for social equity and is also fighting to clarify the stigma attached to cannabis via educational content.



Instagram: @green_annalist

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In an eff help alleviate shopping stress due to this situation, I decided to put together a mini holiday shopping guide including fellow minority owned domestic businesses!sses!s!s!

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Green Annalist offers handcrafted, love-filled, personal wellness products, and recently added cannabis wellness coaching services.

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Green Annalist is also an advocate for social equity and is also fighting to clarify the stigma attached to cannabis via educational content.


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