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Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

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I am here to share my affinity of hand crafted, love-filled, & personal recipes that go back a few generations to some modern (and more socially acceptable) holistic options. That passion, combined with my personal experience with hemp, inspired me to start Green Annalist.


My love for CBD botanicals was inherited from my mother, which was passed down from her mother.  I was exposed to natural medicine at a very young age.  I didn’t question why or how those herbal concoctions worked until I was in my mid-twenties. That’s when I decided to take classes & really understand the medicinal value & properties of all the natural medicine Mother Earth has provided us.

So, here I am now!  Ready, willing, & able to hopefully make a difference in your lives by offering products that can contribute to a more health-abundant lifestyle.


Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions!


Peace & Love!



Green Annalist



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