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@drdenisesimpson Welcome to your mid-week inspiration!

Every Wednesday, drop by for a dose of inspiration from women who are using their superpowers to inspire our communities, organizations, and the world we share.

Today’s #followtheleader is Anna Rivera!

When I asked about her ☄️SUPERPOWERS, Anna said,

“My superpower is the ability to heal/help others. I knew from a very young age this was my calling and I've always used it without expecting anything in return. I use my superpower via education, heartfelt conversations/advice, and now through my business with my handmade products and coaching services. I have a way of connecting with people that allows them to self-reflect and inspire them to make a change; it's quite self-rewarding to me!”

💡Here is why you must follow this leader!

Anna Rivera founded Green Annalist, which specializes in hemp botanicals and cannabis wellness. Anna felt inspired to start her company in November 2020 because she saw how big of an impact her solutions had on her anxiety and sleep problems; she felt called to bring this work to the world.

The products from Green Annalist are crafted from a solid foundation of traditional knowledge combined with a modern, scientific approach. Anna inherited her love for botanicals from her mother, which was passed down from her mother. In her mid-twenties, she decided to take classes to deeply understand the natural medicine Mother Nature has provided us & now she's readily available to share this knowledge with those wanting to take a more holistic approach with their health.

🎯#followtheleader and stay inspired below:

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