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Cannabis Wellness Coaching

Are you tired of living in discomfort or pain? Are you taking prescription pills with no positive results?


If yes, I invite you to book a discovery call to consider cannabis wellness coaching in your wellness routine.


I know there’s an influx of information available and can be overwhelming or even confusing.


I can relate because I was in your shoes at one point.


When I started using cannabis a few years ago, I barely had any information to reference and only made my decisions based on other people’s experiences.


Visiting dispensaries was intimidating and I didn’t know what questions to ask.


I had no clue about dosage, strains, potency, methods of ingestion, etc.


Now that I’ve gained experience and have had an amazing transformation with this miracle plant, I’m eager to share my knowledge with you!



Discovery Call Summary


This 30-min consultation is as easy as scheduling a phone call!


I’ll be asking you a series of questions to understand your concerns and be aligned with your vision.


If you find that cannabis would be suitable for your wellness journey, I’m offering an 8-week program that consists of 1-hour weekly live calls, a curated custom regimen that addresses your concerns, e-mail support, and complete dedication during your transformational journey.


NO PROBLEM! I now offer 2-session packages ($175)!

Once you book a discover call:

  • I'll ask you a series of questions & build a custom guide with specific recommendations

  • Your guide will include doses, ingestion methods, & product suggestions

  • 1 month of support via email is included


If you're ready to start immediately, simply select below!




























The end result of these services is for us to work together via cannabis education, accountability, mindset shifting, and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle.


Looking forward to connecting with you!



Green Annalist


I am not a health professional. This program is for educational purposes to assist you in making informed choices incorporating cannabis use in your wellness routine.

Our Services

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